Research Diets D12108C 高脂饲料(含1.25%胆固醇)

Research Diets D12108C 高脂饲料(含1.25%胆固醇)
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Research Diets D12108C 高脂饲料(含1.25%胆固醇)
英文名:High fat rodent diet with 1.25% cholesterol
品牌:Research Diets

High fat rodent diet with 1.25% cholesterol.
Used in Research
Often used with Apo E or LDLR knockout mice
D12108 with used alcohol-extracted casein, which is not believed to be important in inducing an athero phenotype.
Product is packed in 12.5 kg box.
Each box is identied with the product name, description, lot number and expiration date.
Lead Time
5-7 business days.
Yes. Add 10 days to delivery time.
Pellet, Powder
Shelf Life
Most diets require storage in a cool dry environment. Stored correctly they should last 6 months.
Because of the high fat content is best if kept frozen.
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