W3A-H-005B-WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005B 人源 WNT-3a 蛋白因子,5ug-重组蛋白

WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005

产品英文名称:WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug
产品中文名称:人源WNT-3a 蛋白因子,5ug
WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug 产品简介
StemRD已研发出一种新颖的表达和纯化诸如WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug蛋白等“困难”蛋白的先进方法。我们独特的处理方法能得到纯度和活性均ling先于市场方法生产的WNT蛋白。StemRD的WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug蛋白绝不含有现今市场普遍使用的WNT蛋白中含有的某些非特异性成分。
WNT-3a 是WNT 信号蛋白家庭的成员之一,在胚胎成长和成体组织维护方面起关键作用。WNT-3a 是典型的通过β-联蛋白通路发送信号。已有规格的WNT-3a是一个包含328个氨基酸残基的单链蛋白质。由于糖基化,WNT-3a 在非还原条件下用SDS-PAGE处理会明显损失掉38-41 kDa分子量。StemRD公司生产的WNT-3a是用人体细胞系中Wnt-3a cDNA 在无蛋白培养基上过度表达得到。使用WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug特有的纯化方法,区别于其它已发表的纯化方法,提高蛋白纯度。
人源WNT-3a 蛋白因子,5ug 产品特性
»人源WNT-3a 蛋白因子,5ug使用LC/MS 层析,纯度大于98%,结构经过NMR验证
»人源WNT-3a 蛋白因子,5ug生物活性认证:经过生物试验验证,优于其它同类型产品
» WNT-3a 是典型的通过β-联蛋白通路发送信号
WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug 保存方法

The lyophilized protein is stable for at least 6 months if stored at -80 degree
C. Reconstituted protein is stable for at least two weeks at 4 degree C, but
should be stored in aliquots at -80 degree C for longer term. Avoid
repeated freeze and thaw.
WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug 产品英文描述
We express and purify WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug proteins by using a proprietary process that is distinctive from the published protocol. Our method results in WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug proteins that are purer and more active than market-leading products which have been associated with non-specific artifacts.
WNT-3a is a member of the WNT family of signaling proteins that play key roles in embryonic development and the maintenance of adult tissues. WNT-3a is a prototypic canonical WNT that signals through the β-catenin pathway. The predicted size of human WNT-3a is a monomeric protein containing 328 amino acid residues. Due to glycosylation, it migrates at an apparent molecular weight of 38 – 41 kDa on SDS-PAGE under non-reducing conditions. StemRD’s WNT-3a,human W3A-H-005,5ug is produced from a human cell line overexpressing human Wnt-3a cDNA in protein-free medium.Purification is done by a proprietary process that is distinct from the published method.
WNT all compounds are:
1. >98% pure by LC/MS analysis, and structurally verified by NMR.
2. Bioactivity Certified: tested for biological activities, an advent-age over other supplies.
For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Humans.