315-01a-5-Recombinant Murine TNF-a-Peprotech细胞因子


Recombinant Murine TNF-a,中文名称:重组小鼠肿瘤坏死因子α,规格:20ug,货号:315-01a,


Recombinant Murine TNF-a:

TNF-alpha is a pleiotrophic pro-inflammatory cytokine secreted by various cells including adipocytes, activated monocytes, macrophages, B cells, T cells and fibroblasts. It belongs to the TNF family of ligands and signals through two receptors, TNFR1 and TNFR2. TNF-alpha is cytotoxic to a wide variety of tumor cells and is an essential factor in mediating the immune response against bacterial infections. TNF-alpha also plays a role in the induction of septic shock, auto immune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, and diabetes. Recombinant murine TNF-alpha is a soluble 156 amino acid protein (17.3 kDa) which corresponds to C-terminal extracellular domain of the full length transmembrane protein.