210-12-10-Recombinant Murine IL-12-Peprotech细胞因子


Recombinant Murine IL-12,中文名称:重组小鼠白介素12,规格:10ug,货号:210-12



Recombinant Murine IL-12:

Description: IL-12 is a potent regulator of cell mediated immune responses and it induces IFN-gamma production by NK and T cells. It is produced by activated monocytes/macrophage cells, B lymphocytes and connective tissue type mast cells. Among its biological activities IL-12 promotes the growth and activity of activated NK, CD4+ and CD8+ cells and induces the development of IFN-gamma producing Th1 cells. Recombinant murine IL-12 is a 75.0 kDa heterodimeric glycoprotein consisting of disulfide-linked 35 kDa (p35) and 40 kDa (p40) subunits (506 total amino acid residues).