CM1048B-Muller-Kauffmann Tetrathionate-Novobiocin Broth-微生物干粉培养基


Selectively isolate Salmonella species from food samples with Thermo Scientific™ Muller-Kauffmann Tetrathionate-Novobiocin Broth (MkTTn) for food testing in compliance with ISO 6579:2002.


Muller-Kauffmann Tetrathionate-Novobiocin Broth was developed by Muller1 and later modified by Kauffmann234 with the addition of ox bile and brilliant green to improve selectivity. The addition of novobiocin at 40mg per liter was later described by Jeffries5 to improve inhibition of Proteus species. A selective enrichment medium for the isolation of Salmonella, the formulation conforms to ISO 6579:20025. Presumptive Salmonella should be confirmed using appropriate biochemical and serological techniques. For the complete method, please refer to ISO 6579:20021. 

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