10547001GE WHATMAN沃特曼FF120HP硝酸纤维素膜(25mm x 50m)10547001


GE WHATMAN沃特曼FF120HP硝酸纤维素膜(25mm x 50m)10547001,Capillary Flow Rate:90-150 s/4cm,Complete Packsize:1 Roll,Material [Backing]:Polyester,Membrane Type:NitrocelluloseThickness:200um.


GE WHATMAN沃特曼FF120HP硝酸纤维素膜(25mm x 50m)10547001

Capillary Flow Rate:90-150 s/4cm,Complete Packsize:1 Roll,Material [Backing]:Polyester,Membrane Type:NitrocelluloseThickness:200 μm (including 100um backing)

FF120HP 25mm x 50m 1/pk

A backed and highly consistent membrane for use with most sample types in a lateral flow assay.

  • Exceptional intra- and inter-lot consistency as demonstrated by a coefficient of variation (CV) for capillary rise of < 10%.
  • Improved assay consistency and reproducible limit of detection.
  • Reduced assay optimization costs, compared to a less consistent membrane.

GE WHATMAN沃特曼FF120HP硝酸纤维素膜(25mm x 50m)10547001FFHP Membranes

FF High Performance (HP) membranes are part of the AE family, which are directly cast onto a plastic film. The FFHP membranes are a result of improved membrane casting procedures, which result in enhanced intra- and inter lot consistency and sharper lines. The surface is uniform without unincorporated nitrocellulose powder and the fine structure fiber distribution provides large internal surfaces for binding proteins

Nitrocellulose Membranes

Nitrocellulose membranes are a key functional part of lateral-flow assays. The membrane must provide sufficient protein binding to enable the formation of a sharp and intense capture line, but at the same time the level of nonspecific background must be low for easy interpretation of results. Nitrocellulose membranes are available in a range of wicking rates and formulations. It has long been known that the wicking rate of a membrane has a significant impact on test sensitivity.