10600002GE Amersham NC膜0.45um孔径10600002


GE Amersham NC膜0.45um孔径10600002,GE Amersham硝酸纤维素转印膜,0.45um孔径,300MMx4M。


GE Amersham NC膜0.45um孔径10600002

Nitrocellulose membrane, with a 0.45 µm pore size, is suitable for proteins of a wide range of molecular weights.

  • Low background and excellent signal-to-noise ratios.
  • Compatible with a variety of labeling and detection systems.
  • High binding capacity.
  • Suitable for proteins of a wide range of molecular weights.
  • Proprietary nitrocellulose formula gives a long shelf life of bound proteins.
  • Available in popular precut sizes for your application.


Amersham Protran offers excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background, especially when used with Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Prime, or Amersham ECL Select Western Blotting Systems.

GE Amersham NC膜0.45um孔径10600002技术参数:

Material Nitrocellulose (NC)
Pore Size 0.45 µm
Application Western, Southern and Northern Blotting
Binding Capacity 115-125 µg IgG/cm2 (incubation method)
11-43 µg BSA/cm2 (incubation method)
Autoclavable Yes (steam autoclave)


10600000 p_PT 0.1UM 300MMx4M 1/PK (29046714)
10600001 p_PT 0.2UM 300MMx4M 1/PK (29046733)
10600005 p_PT 0.1UM 200MMx4M 1/PK (29047974)
10600010 p_PT 0.1UM 150MMx4M 1/PK (29048136)
10600006 p_PT 0.2UM 200MMx4M 1/PK (29048044)
10600002 p_PT 0.45UM 300MMx4M 1/PK (29046764)
10600007 p_PT 0.45UM 200MMx4M 1/PK (29048048)
10600009 p_PTP 0.2UM 200MMx4M 1/PK (29048072)
10600096 p_PTP 0.45UM 80X90MM 25/PK (29049907)
10600008 p_PTP 0.45UM 200MMx4M 1/PK (29048061)
10600072 p_PT 0.45UM 100x100MM 25/PK (29049836)